Most of users do not want to be opened ad in his browser because it uses a lot of bandwidth. If you are you also getting irritated when you watching ads on the website. If you want to totally avoid all types of ads from mozilla firefox then you have come on right place. You can Block all types of advertisement with a single add-on in mozilla firefox named AdBlock Plus, which can be downloaded from the link below after the article. AdBlock Plus for firefox is a great add-on for firefox fan. AdBlock Plus for firefox not only block ads of Google, but it block the ads from infolinks text ads also. You can block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu. Also great news for those who does not want to wait 5 seconds for ads and 8 seconds for  linkbucks ads. AdBlock Plus add-on for firefox bypass ads and linkbucks ads waiting time also. When you will click on the links which is merged with and linkbucks it will directly take you upto the link. There is no more waiting time for chrome users.

Steps to install AdBlock for Chrome :

1. Just click on the download link which is provided after the article.

2. Click on Install Adblock Plus button.

3. Now click on Allow button and its will install Adblock Plus in your firefox.

4. After that click on Install button when it gets highlighted.

5. Now it will install Adblock Plus in your system. 

Restart your firefox and browse your favorite website without advertisement.

I have tested it on my website and it works 100%.

Download AdBlock Plus