Pokki is another beautiful and simple Start menu tool for Windows 8 from team Pokki. Pokki app brings every feature which one wanted in start menu with an awesome interface which includes notifications from the installed apps as well. If you search through the internet there are few tool which can replace the Metro UI with start menu in Windows 8.

The new version of Pokki comes with an updated menu on the desktop that replicates many of the functions of the former Start menu on Windows 8. After installing this beautiful app on your Windows 8 it will replace the default Metro UI (Modern UI) of windows 8. Now, whenever you will click on start button or you will press windows key then you will get start menu of Pokki. Users who want to download this tool can download from the official website which link has been provided at the end of the article.
Pokki can also tweak Windows 8 in a few other ways through a settings menu, accessed by right-clicking on the Start icon. Users can choose to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8, pick a corner for banner notifications and enable or disable Windows 8 hot corner functionality.

When you will press start button it will open Pokki app instead of Windows 8 default Metro Start UI. You will get a search bar on the top of Pokki app through which you can search for you favorite install application. 

One great thing which i like in this app is still users who want to use metro app can use this metro feature by clicking on dial pad which is at the left bottom corner of the Pokki software.

One who loves pokki can use it not only in Windows 8 but this app supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 too. 

So, after all you can get enormous features in this application. I specially love this app and installed in my computer. After installing this app my life has become more comfortable like before.

Just download this beautiful application from the below link and enjoy.