Main Difference Between Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 – Today, we will discuss the main difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. If you are thinking that Windows 8.1 is a service pack update then you are wrong here. Because service pack update is only updates existing features of previous software / operating system. Service pack update never includes new features in previous operating system. But, here a lot of difference in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In Windows 8.1 various new features has been included which was not available previously  in Windows 8. As earlier Windows 7 was free upgrade for Windows Vista users , Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade of Windows 8 users. Windows 8 had been launched with various new features and apps, but some features was removed by Microsoft in Windows 8. Now Windows 8.1 OS has been launched with some extra new features which was earlier not available in Windows 8 OS.

The list of features which was not available in Windows 8 but in Windows 8.1 it has been included are :

  1. Start Screen
  2. Lock Screen slideshow
  3. Internet Explorer 11
  4. Extra Large and Small tiles
  5. Use desktop background as Start screen background
  6. Slide to shutdown
  7. All apps screen
  8. Shutdown and restart options in Win + X menu
  9. Updated PC settings
  10. Click to call i Internet Explorer 11
  11. Sync Start screen layout across PCs
  12. Support for touch-pad gestures out of the box
  13. Uninstall multiple apps at once
  14. Uninstall apps from multiple PCs at once
  15. Network behaviour monitoring in Defender
  16. new Start Screen Patterns
  17. Sync Internet Explorer tabs accross PCs
  18. Snap up to three apps on each screen
  19. Calculator app
  20. Alarm app
  21. Outlook 2013 RT
  22. Reading List
  23. New Windows Store
  24. New SkyDrive app