Remove SaveShare Popup Ads Completely From Google Chrome – Google chrome is the best and fastest browser all over the world. But, no one browser is completely protected. Today, viruses and adwares are big problem if you use internet. There are so many antivirus are available over the internet , some of them are good and some are useless. I use Windows 8.1 and I hate antivirus. So, I don’t install any antivirus on my PC, because it slow down the PC performance. Recently my PC got affected by SaveShare Popup Ads. It started automatically popup ads on  my PC. Even it shows in Google search also.

How to Block saveshare plugin

How to Block saveshare plugin


As you can see in above screenshot, I was trying to search “how to block saveshare plugin” and before the search results of google, it showing ads which is auto created by Saveshare plugin. Not only it shows in search engines, it also keep popup in my browser.

How to Remove SaveShare Popup Ads Completely From Google Chrome :

  • Start Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to settings.
  • Here click on extensions or directly copy paste “chrome://extensions/” without quotes in your Google chrome browser.
Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

  • Here you will find “saeVensharre” plugin is enabled.
  • Just delete this extensions and enjoy popup and adware free PC.

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