We all know that Windows 8 has been launched with so many new features. Here, will discuss about two fantastic features to restore your Windows PC to its original state in a few minutes. Reset your PC and Refresh your PC are two new features that help you save your PC and time when you have issues with your Windows. Reset feature you have earlier seen in the mobile also, this is the same feature now available in the Windows 8.

Refresh your PC option will refresh your PC by retaining your documents, personal settings, accounts, applications but Reset your PC will restore your PC to its original state by removing all documents, files, settings, accounts and installed applications.

In this post we will discuss about how to use Reset your PC feature to reset Windows 8 PC to its original state. To begin the procedure, you must have your Windows 8 installation media.

WARNING: All your documents, pictures, settings, accounts and any other data on your Windows 8 drive will be deleted while performing Reset PC.

1. Begin the procedure by inserting your Windows 8 DVD into the optical drive. If you have an ISO file, simply mount it to a virtual drive.

2. Keep your cursor extreme right lower corner and you will see setting icon. Click on setting icon.

3. Click on ‘Change PC Setting’.

4. Go to general tab.

4. Scroll down to the right side and you will see ‘Remove everything and reinstall windows’.

Click on below it ‘Get Started’.

5. In the following screen, you will see a message stating that “All your personal files and apps will be removed. Your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults” . Simply click on Next button to continue.

6. In the next screen, Windows will ask “Do your want to remove all files from all drives”. As we don’t want to delete all files from drives (partitions) other than Windows drive, select the option named Only the drive where Windows is installed. You can click on Show me the list of drives that will be affected to view all drives that will be affected if you click All drives option.
So, once again, if you just want to reset your Windows 8 to original settings, click the first option named Only the drive where Windows is installed.
7. You are one click away from resetting your PC to original state. In this screen, you will see “This will permanently remove your personal files and apps from your PC and restore all settings to their defaults. Your PC will restart. This will take a few minutes” message.

Click Reset button to automatically reboot your PC.
8. Windows will reboot and your will see screens with ”Preparing your PC” and “Resetting your PC” messages. Within the next few minutes all your documents, apps, and other settings will be removed to restore your Windows 8 its original state.

Follow the screen message and after a few time you will have a whole new Windows 8 operating system installed in your computer.